New Lynn, Tāmaki Makaurau

Studio and home of Jack Tilson and Kristal G

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Regular Evening Group Classes

Course 1

Flying Saucers

Experience making with clay using a variety of techniques, including the pottery wheel. Gain practical insight into the wood firing process.

5 x Wednesday evenings. 615pm-9pm

1 x Wood firing day (Saturday or Sunday weather dependent)

This is a beginner’s class suited to those starting out. 

Cost: $400 (covers clay and wood firing)

Weather contingency: If it is too rainy we may need to reschedule the firing day.

Collection of works: Works to be collected from the studio by arrangement. It may take several days to let the kiln cool and be unloaded.

Age: Adults 

Materials: All materials provided.

Class size: 6

Week One: Introduction to clay and making processes. Try different wheels to create vessels. Experiment with hand building techniques and other ways to create unique works.

Week Two: Continue to practice making, finish off previous weeks works using finishing processes.

Week Three: Concentrate on your ideas, create pieces using handles or by combining elements.

Week Four: Finish making processes and begin firing preparation. Learn about the wood and materials needed to fire the kiln.

Week Five: Prepare the works for the wood firing process. Wad individual works with shell, and or other materials for decorative effect. Load the kiln and gain an insight into the wood firing process. Prepare the thermometers and brick up the side door.

Firing Day: Do a wood firing as a class. Help each other to bring the works to around 1300 °C

Collection of works: An email will be sent out when the kiln is ready to be unloaded which will be dependent on groups availability. Works to be collected from the studio by arrangement.

Course 2
Into Orbit 

5 x Thursday Evenings. 615pm-9pm.

1 x Wood firing day (Saturday or Sunday weather dependent)

Cost: $400 (covers clay and wood firing)

Into Orbit serves as the follow on for students after they graduate from Flying Saucers.

You can enroll without having completed Flying Saucers if you have prior pottery wheel experience. 

Each term the curriculum changes.

Winter 2022 season coming soon...


Wood Fired Porcelain in Saggars 

Learn about and create a set of saggars using fireclay.

Make a celadon glaze using ash and clay.

Create using porcelain and stoneware clays.


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If classes cannot  go ahead due to Covid19, then we will reschedule to a later date.