Wood Fired Bowls




In this immersive workshop, delve into the world of pottery as you create your very own wood-fired bowl. From hand building to the pottery wheel, you'll learn the fundamentals of pottery construction while exploring your creativity.

Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes (10:15 am - 1:00 pm)

Cost: $100 (includes clay and firing)

Workshop Outline:

Introduction to Pottery: Learn the basics of pottery construction and familiarize yourself with the tools and techniques used in the craft.

Hands-On Practice:

Hand Building: Roll out slabs of clay and shape them into bowls, experimenting with texture and design.

Pottery Wheel: Experience the thrill of throwing clay on the wheel, creating elegant forms for your bowls.

Decoration: Add your personal touch to your bowls by embellishing them with unique designs and patterns using carving, stamping, or slip trailing techniques.

Glazing: Explore glazing and apply them to your mugs, bringing color and character to your creations.

Wood Firing Process: Gain insight into the traditional wood firing process, where the interaction of wood and flame produces distinct effects on pottery.

Wood Firing Your Bowl: Entrust your finished mugs to the intense heat and ash of the wood-fired kiln, enhancing their aesthetic appeal with rustic charm.

Collection: Anticipate the unveiling of your wood-fired masterpieces as you await their cooling and subsequent availability for collection from the studio.

Note: Participants are advised to wear appropriate attire and adhere to safety protocols during the workshop. Embrace the imperfections of your pottery, as they contribute to its unique character and charm.

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